The Ultimate Hosting Service


Fastest Hosting

the only provider that using 1gbps connection for hosting, we’re here to give you the fastest hosting you have ever seen..


Applied by many rule which protect you from the cyber attack included DDoS, SQL injection, XSS and more !



Most of Hosting Provider on the market never protect their client information and their own service but we do, we protect your information, get empty log, even your hosting is protected from other hosting on the same server.

Friendly Support

We’re here to help you, always be friendly and show you how to do your stuff, always ready to help you when you need and always answer you immediately when we can.

In 2016, both we and you, we have saw so many time attack method, so many cyber attack on big websites using Mirai, botnet, and more ! as a provider we really care for security of our customers, we care about you and we care about our service, so we always update our firewall rule, update for stop DNS Amplification, NTP Amplification, LDAP Attack and more are still updating by days

If you having problem with DDoS, we’re here to help, if you having problem with quality of service, we’re the only provider that care what you think and what you need. I think its time for us to proove that we deserve to serve you.

with rSoft, you're safe !


For Individual and Small Business
USD9,99// Month
  • 300mbps connection line
  • 2,000 MB Disk Capacity
  • UNLIMITED Bandwidth
  • 10 Database / Database Account


For Enterprise Level Only
USD79.99// Month
  • 1Gbps connection line
  • 20,000 MB Disk Capacity
  • UNLIMITED Bandwidth
  • UNLIMITED Database / Database ACcount
  • Custom Support 24/7
  • Custom Support PHP
  • Place on Dedicated Server
  • Support Dedicated IP Address


All the hosting is setup manualy, if you’re interesting on our service, please contact for more information via skype, facebook or what ever you feel comfortable with

By using our service, you’re accept that we’re don’t have any responsibility to your content.

If you’re any problem when using our service, you could just report through email, we’re get contact with you as soon as possible

If you having bad experience with our services, we will refund in 7 days.

We have the right to dis-continue your services anytime we want. We will give you announce 48 hours before the cancellation

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